Sir Peter Guy Manners

A Pioneer in Sound Therapy

Dr. Peter Guy Manners

Peter Guy Manners, M.D., is a British medical doctor. Dr. Manners qualified in England and Germany and also specializes in natural and electromagnetic medicines.

Dr. Manners has studied and collaborated with many outstanding scientists, including Dr. Hans Jenny (Switzerland) and Dr. Harold Saxon Burr of Yale University (U.S.). He has researched the use of cymatics and biomagnetics for medical diagnosis and treatment, including the healing effects of certain sound vibrations and harmonics on the structure and chemistry of the human body as well as the importance of sound and light in our natural environment.

Dr. Manners holds the award of the Dag Hammarskjold Merit of Excellence for benefits to humanity and Academie Diplomatique (De La Paix) as well as the Diploma of Honour in Bio-energetic Medicine (Moscow) for his contribution to research and development of bio-magnetic medicine.